What does this book cover?

This book covers the analysis of basic channels including speed, throttle position, engine rpm, gear, G force and steering. It shows you how to extract information out of squiggly lines, and what it all means. The book is geared more towards driver development than it is towards chassis development.

I'm a seasoned race car engineer. Is the book advanced enough for me?

Yes. While the topics are basic, there will always be one or two new ideas you’ll catch by reading this book. The book details a lot of pitfalls that even experienced data guys will fall prey to. Understanding the real core behind the basic channels will allow you to see beyond your existing box.

I know absolutely nothing about data acquisition. Is the book simple enough?

Yes. This book was written to take someone from the very beginning of data acquisition and explain to them in simple terms how to make sense of all those squiggly lines.

Is this book specific to one brand of data logger?

No, the information discussed in the book is relevant to every data logger and is not brand specific.

Will this book teach me how to use my data analysis software?

No, this book does not instruct you on how to use your software. It would not be possible to cover every brand of data logger analysis software in one book. But knowing how to use your software is extremely important and learning all the hot keys can speed up your analysis time. It is strongly recommended that you become very familiar with all the features of your analysis tool. One common problem are those that only use it once every couple of months. It becomes far too easy to forget where everything is in the software, so use it often.

Does this book show me how to install and calibrate sensors?

No, this book does not cover installation and setup of a data logger. It is recommended that you refer to the manufacturer of your data system for help with such.

Will this book make me faster?

Maybe. This book will teach you how to interpret data, not how to drive a race car. The information gained from logged data can tell you where you are slow, where you are fast, and sometimes how to go faster. But doing that is all up to you. It is recommended to have a driving coach that can determine your limitations and how best to help.

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