On-Line Classes

Online Classes are live interactive classes which focus on a single topic. Sessions can vary in length, but most are either 3 or 2 hours long. They are currently taught on Tuesdays, but other days may be added if there is enough demand. Below is a list of topics currently offered.

Individual or group On-Line Classes can be scheduled for any day and length, though pricing will vary. Contact us to schedule your On-Line Class.

Explore everything from CAN wiring to CAN programming. This module covers:


  • what is CAN and why….
  • proper wiring specifications
  • what are CAN errors & appropriate bus loading
  • CAN IDs and why they are important
  • what is a CAN message?
  • how do you define CAN messages
  • what is a .DBC file?
  • how to program CAN settings on Bosch devices
  • how to program CAN settings on MoTeC devices
  • how to program CAN settings on AIM devices
Class Length: 3 hours

Get a head start on this class by watching the following MoTeC webinars on CAN


Learn what can be done with GPS and how to use it. Topics include:i2-gps-inner-outer-zoomed

  • Overview of different GPS modules, update rate & accuracy
  • Lap timing setup with GPS
  • Managing venues and their GPS locations
  • How to identify good verus bad GPS data
  • Creating inside & outside lines for line analysis
  • Math equations utilizing GPS
Class length: 2 hours

Learn how to download data like a Pro. This class will focus on the following topics:dash-manager

  • setting up data file folder structures
  • using the detail editor
  • follow the rules to “sessions” and “comments”
  • downloading tips & tricks
  • Yes you can wireless download
  • managing data files in i2
Class Length: 2 Hours

This class dives into the use of Data Overlays and how to compare one lap to another.

  • selecting laps
  • time vs distance mode
  • why does my data not line up?
  • beacon offsets
  • correcting bad speed data with GPS speed
  • time variance
  • interpreting the channel SPEED
Class Length: 3 hours

Seminar covers the following topics:

  • creating track maps
  • dividing your track into sections
  • all the in’s & out’s to section timing
  • using section timing to identify fastest corners
  • when is a “theroretical fastest lap” wrong
  • making your “theroretical fastest lap” right
Class Length: 2 hours

Realize the true potential of using video when combined into your data analysis! You will learn and discover:

  • Overview of existing video recorders, their capabilities and their limitations
  • Installing and configuring the right video codec
  • Auto-syncing with data
  • Manual syncing with data
  • Conversion to different video file types for better comparisons (playing multiple videos at once)
  • How to properly share video & data with drivers or other team members

You can get a head start by watching the MoTeC webinar: Synchronising VCS Video with Data

Class Length: 3 Hours


    Setting up a Power Distribution Module or PDM can be a taunting task. With plenty of tricks this class will introduce you to what’s popular and what the device is capable of doing. Topics include:
  • PDM’s CAN communication to other devices
  • Keypad design and programming
  • Output setup and retry strategies
  • “Automatic Turn Off” of devices during starting to maximize starter power
  • “Delayed Power On” strategy for multiple devices to decrease initial startup loads
  • Low voltage states which can turn off select items as alternator fails and battery voltage drops
  • Headlight flashing sequences
  • Fuel pump strategies; prime, normal, reserve & warnings to the driver
  • Channel naming conventions to make life easier
Class Length: 6 hours


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Upcoming Dates:

Dec 18, 2018 – What is CAN?

$60  /  3 hours

Jan 8, 2018 – Motec Downloading & File Management

$40  /  2 hours

Jan 15, 2018 – All Things GPS

$40  /  2 hours

May 8 – My Data won’t Overlay!

$60  /  3 hours


Jan 29 – MoTeC Track Editor & Section Timig

$40  /  2 hours