Classroom Style Training Seminars currently offered:

Driver Coaching with Data

Perfect for driver coaches, drivers, data engineers anyone who wants to learn how to read those squiggly lines to make the driver go faster. This class does not focus on how to use your analysis software, rather it teaches you how the meaning to squiggly lines. Examples are not data system specific, the theories learned in class work equally on Motec, AIM, Cosworth, Bosch, etc.


Intro to MoTeC Software

This one day class will get you started in setting up a Motec logger and looking at data in i2. Class material applies to any of the existing Motec color displays, non-color display or non display loggers. (ADL, CDL, C125, C185, L120, C127, and many more).  After learning how to setup details, channels, logging and displays, the class focus shift in the afternoon to looking at data in i2 Standard or Pro.


Being a DAG

With so many tasks to a DAG’s day how do you manage your time and complete your tasks as quickly and accurate as possible? DAG stands for Data Acquisition Guru, also sometimes called Data Engineers. Learn all the tricks to getting your data correct the first time and every time. Learn how to impress the team owner, driver & engineer. Learn how to setup lap, engine and channel reports. Learn  about the flow of information and what makes a good DAG. Why be mediocre?

MoTeC Dash Manager

 beginner to advanced

This one day class covers every function in Dash Manager, leaving no stone un-turned.  You will learn why each calculation and function exists and how to use it. Covers:  Channel Maths,  Advanced Maths,  2D & 3D tables,  Timers,  User Conditions,  Constants,  Shift LIghts and much more.


MoTeC i2 Pro

 beginner to advanced

This class focuses on Motec’s i2 Pro analysis software, covering the full range of functionality available in i2 Pro. Topics such as: channel alias & mappings,  advanced filters,  math functions,  more math functions,  even more math functions,  channel reports,  track,  mapping sections,  shock histograms,  Excel setup sheets,  video sync,  advanced GPS,  advanced graphs,… etc.


CAN Programming

This class covers an introduction into CAN, then dives into bits and bytes. Throw in some DBC files, then programming CAN channels and communication across a host of different Motec user interfaces. Dash Manager, PDM & even M1 build. It’s a full day or 0’s and 1’s.

Also available as a Remote Learning class (4 hour session).