Squiggly Lines Blog Posts:

Our online posts & blogs….. Read up on small concentrated doses of various topics in motorsport electronics.


Other Resources for Learning:

MoTeC Seminar Notes

PDF files for the class slides & handouts used in MoTeC’s training classes. There are over a dozen class material notes for download.


MoTeC Webinars

Plenty of online videos showcasing how to use MoTeC products. You can view their YouTube channel directly but there is little organization to it. Their web site is much better as they categorize each topic under a product so go there instead.


Free online videos on coaching, also offering a paid data analysis session with your data using TrackAttack.

AIM YouTube channel

Follow along with a host of videos produced with regards to the AIM data logging systems and Roger Caddell their national trainer.


Matt’s great web site with a host of resources and information.

Optimum G

Great resource for anything “vehicle dynamics” related.  An excellent course offered on vehicle dynamics every engineer should take. Also offers consulting on many performance related topics.

Allen Berg Racing School

Excellent school highly detailed on using data. Most of their cars are equipped with MoTeC data loggers and data debriefs are done after each session. You can even take your data home!