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Pocket Cables

Pocket Cables can now be ordered for most cars!

Choosing a laptop computer for the race track

How to pick a laptop for the racetrack

DAG’s Toolbag – Bluetooth Volt Meter

Learn about the tools inside an experienced DAG’s Toolbag

Tips & Tricks – DHCP to fixed IP and back!

How to swap quickly between DHCP and fixed IP.

Thin Ethernet cables do exist !

Tired of those bulky thick Ethernet cables? Try the new thin cables.

Replay Camera Adapters

How to automatically control your Replay cameras.

Video Cameras for Motorsports

Using a video camera in your race car seems like an easy thing to do…. grab your favorite low dollar HD camera, get a mount, and press record. If only it were so simple, but it’s not. Learn what cameras are available, which ones to buy and why.