Welcome to the first post in my DAG’s Toolbag series, a group of posts that showcase what makes up my traveling tool bag. In the quest to minimize space and pack more into the bag I’ve found a great volt meter.  It’s got a fabulous Bluetooth app that can log and graph at 5 Hz, and a built in flash light.  Not bad for such a small meter. It’s sold by Southwire, and is available at some Lowe’s hard ware stores.  I bought mine on Amazon when they dropped in price.  Retail is about $60 but they go down to $45 often, sometimes in the $30 range.




Only downside is the backlight turns off after 30 seconds but you can hit the button to turn it back on and it stays on. And it’s not the quickest in measurement response compared to the standard large sized meters. But those are the only negatives I’ve found. What is great:

  • built in flashlight
  • runs on AAA batteries, easier to find than a 9v
  • bluetooth app that works great
  • small but uses normal banana plugs for leads
  • useful backlight screen

I am guilty of one modification, that’s cutting of the lead holders on the back to shave down the overall thickness.  See picture below.