AIM GPS09 is finally here!

A very good motorsport GPS is finally available at a very low cost.  The AIM GPS09 sells for $300 and features an update rate of 25 Hz with a positional accuracy of 1 meter.  This device was tuned specifically for motorsports, so it’s not your generic GPS module.  I highly recommend it.

There is also a GPS09 Pro version for $600 which includes a 3-axis accelerometer and angular rate sensor making this an IMU as well.

NOTE:  as of 9-20-21, to use this device on non-AIM product you must be running the latest beta firmware.  Please contact SquigglyLines or AIM for more details.



MoTeC dash manager CAN template

can be downloaded here:

Motec can templates AIM GPS09

.cc9 file for version 6.4 or newer

NOTE: Some channels must be renamed as per the following picture.



NOTE: This device requires 12v and CAN, so it is not a drop in replacement for a 5v RS-232 GPS you may currently be using.