GoPro cameras

gopro camera

There are many versions of GoPro cameras. Each newer version pushes the envelope for quality and speed. This creates stunning videos but high quality and frame rates create lots of internal heat for the electronics. Combined with the hot environment of a race car it makes heat the number one issue with GoPro cameras. They simply over heat and shut off. First note when using GoPro cameras is to never charge the battery in the camera. This creates extra heat. It’s best to use an external battery charger or allow enough time for the GoPro camera to fully cool off to room temperature. My recommendation is to use the lowest possible setting and purchase not the higher end models but the lowest model available. Starting with GoPro3 the 720/30 setting is not even available anymore so please use the 1080/30 setting for all videos. A setting of 60 fps or more may have problems with playback on some laptops, so please stick to 30 fps.

Integration for Motorsports requires many adapter cables as shown below.

Optional Add-Ons

External Power Cable

Allows the camera to automatically power on and start recording as soon as power is supplied to the camera. Power into the camera is limited to a maximum of 5v. Most people will use a basic Mini USB cable connected to a 5v USB cigarette lighter adapter mounted inside the car and connected to the 12v battery power. It is a relatively inexpensive power option for the camera. Don’t forget to set the GoPro to automatically turn on and start recording upon power.

External Mic & Power Cable

This combo cable allows for an external mic along with power in through the mini USB female plug. A 5v cigarette adapter is still required to be used for this cable.