MoTeC’s new V2

Motec V2 camera

The Motec V2 is an all in one camera recorder. It records to a micro-SD memory card which must be removed to transfer videos to your laptop. A 32GB SanDisk microSD chip is included with the camera, as well as a SD card adapter. The camera also includes a long cable with the required AS mil-spec connector attached. Only 4 wires for connect, the 12v Power & Ground and CAN hi & lo. If CAN is not available, unit can be configured to record when power is turned on and stop on removal of power.

Works with both “i2 std” and “i2 pro”.

Price: $1990 includes mount, sd card & cable

Supporting Software

v2 manager software

V2 software manager allows for a host of settings. Video size, quality, white balance, etc are all individually adjustable. Exact start and stop conditions are also user adjustable.

Gauge Designer

Advanced functionality includes a gauge designer to edit and create your own on-screen gauges to display data directly onto the video. Team logos and names can be added and any channel of your choosing may be displayed. Our consulting services department can also design and build custom designs just for you.

Automatic data sync! Motec i2 software will automatically find and sync the video file to the data file. Just open your data file and poof there’s your video! Makes searching for laps, replaying sections and overlays of two laps easy. Playing in distance mode the main lap plays at normal speed while the overlay lap speeds up or slows down to be at the same point on the track.

Example Screen Shots

720p gives super wide angle

This example was shot with a less than ideal camera location being too far back. But it gives you a good comparison on camera angle at 720p. The picture quality would be much better with the camera moved forward. Notice the gauges are much larger by default on the 720p setting.

1080p with standard wide angle

This setting was 1080p, yet the camera could still be moved forward more to capture a larger area of the track. Notice the gauge set is smaller.