Replay XD camera integration

The setup of almost any Replay camera, the PrimeX, mini1080, XD1080, etc. is all very similar. The cameras record to a micro-SD card, usually included is a basic 4GB card. Some settings are done on the back of the camera, other settings are made through a text file on the SD card. The biggest downfall of this camera is the lack of stereo audio input, the sound is mono only meaning the same right and left. This limits the ability to record sync pulses quietly and audio from onboard radio communication. To integrate the camera a multitude of options are available as shown below.

Optional parts for Motec integration

Power Adapter


  Provides automatic power up

  Allows for automatic recording start/stop

  Works with either 5v or 12v supply

  Power down delay turns off camera after power is removed

  Cost $39

  Also provides 3.5mm external mic input (mono only). Must use replay ext mic kit.

Ext Mic Kit


  Required when using a Motec VSM (video sync module)

  Battery does not last long and might require replacement after each weekend

  Must use a 1/3N battery in place of the included LR44 battery for volume

  Gain settings for volume do not work with the external mic

  Cost $30

Camera Mount

  The only proper way to mount this camera to a roll bar.

  Cost $78.